Imagine working for a company that trains you on the job, with flexible hours that don’t chain you to a desk or office, and pay is supplemented with bonuses and tips regularly. Sound too good to be true? It’s not if you work for a moving company. While every job comes with its own challenges, you may not have considered all of the perks and benefits of working for a moving company. Let’s look at some of the amazing advantages and positive benefits of working for a moving company.

First, no experience is required for most prior to getting hired. If you don’t know a truck lift from a wardrobe box, you can learn on the job. Most moving companies know that if you are willing to learn, they can teach you what you need to know. This means that you can get hired and start working right away with many moving companies.

No higher educational background is not a problem if you want to work with a moving company. Applicants with a GED or no college degree are regularly hired by moving companies. Since skills are learned on the job for most positions, you can still qualify for a good paying moving jobs with moving companies without extra education requirements.

Many moving companies pay you weekly, including tips or bonuses. Having a regular income is a great perk for many workers, and usually you are paid for the week just completed rather than having to wait days or weeks to be paid on your labor. Tips may be paid out weekly or even daily as well, adding to the immediate income possibility of working with a moving company.

Do you have a good driving record and a valid driver’s license? You may be able to qualify for a higher paying position within a moving company, especially if you are interested in studying for and passing a commercial driving license (CDL) exam. Many companies will pay more for a driving position and will likely train you for what you need once you have your CDL as well.

Applying for a job when you have not been employed consistently in the last 6 months can be a challenge. Whether you have been unwillingly unemployed, have had personal concerns that have kept you from holding down a regular job, or even have been incarcerated, gaps in your resume can be a hurdle when you are searching for quality, steady work. Looking for moving jobs can be a perfect solution since many moving companies look for a willingness to work hard coupled with a positive attitude to fill positions. Oftentimes jobs are even labeled as “Fair Chance” hires, meaning companies will work with formerly incarcerated individuals who are looking for gainful employment.

Working as a mover can be an excellent solution to help you gain stable employment as a first-time job. Without an experience, many job seekers run into dead ends when looking for work. Moving jobs typically do not look at lack of employment as a barrier to employment, so they are an excellent place to pursue first jobs.

Former military members are a perfect fit for employment as a mover. With a strong background in physical strength combined with attention to detail in a work environment, former military members can be very successful and content as a mover. Working with a moving company is fairly straightforward and follows a structure, both qualities that are compatible with the lifestyle and mentality that military experience provides.

Having to purchase expensive work clothes or uniforms before you start a job can be a turn off for many seeking employment. Not only do you have to spend money up front for a job that you have not earned any income from yet, but many times the clothing required is not something you will reuse or wear at any other time. A moving company job typically provide you with a uniform or a shirt that can be worn with pants or shorts you already own. You won’t need to spend any of your own money to be ready to work your first day when the uniform or company shirt is provided to you.

Working at many jobs means you will have to take off vacation days or holidays that are unpaid, causing your income to go down simply because you need or want to take a break from work. MA job with a moving company, however, many times include paid vacation and holidays. This means that no longer will you worry about having to work extra hours ahead of time to make up for spending a holiday with family or enjoying a restful vacation day. Companies all have their own policies, but paid vacation and company holiday breaks are common with larger and even some smaller moving companies.

A career at a moving company means you will never have to take your work home at night with you. Many jobs expect you to work in the evenings or off hours on projects or assignments, even if you don’t receive overtime pay for your efforts. When you work for a moving company, your work ends with the workday. You can rest and relax at the end of the day knowing that your job responsibilities have ended when your paid hours are complete, freeing you up to spend time just how you like to during the rest of the day or time off.

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