Roku Orders Foor Competition Series ‘Best Bite Wins’

Roku has announced the greenlight of “Best Bite Wins,” a Roku Original food competition series hosted by Josh Peck. In celebration of entertaining, passing apps, and eating together, “Best Bite Wins” gamifies cocktail party culture, with professional chefs competing to present the best party food to hungry judges and clientele at real events from birthday […]

Nat Geo Orders New Series With Culinary Star and Author Antoni Porowski

National Geographic has greenlit  NO TASTE LIKE HOME WITH ANTONI POROWSKI, a new docuseries following Porowski, New York Times bestselling author and star of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” on his journey to discover the rich heritages of global celebrities by way of their ancestors’ food traditions, techniques and culinary experiences. With extensive culinary expertise, a passion […]

Halloween Candy Sales Surpass Pre-Pandemic Norms

Numerator, a data and tech company serving the market research space, has launched a Candy Tracker to monitor omnichannel sales trends, promotional activity, and advertising for both seasonal and non-seasonal candy. Overall, the candy category is up vs. both 2020 and 2019 (pre-pandemic). Leading snacking provider The Hershey Company has experienced comparable lifts among its brand […]

Korea and its Cultural Aspects

The Korean culture is one of the world’s oldest and most extensive cultures. In today’s Korea, which is divided into North and South Korea, there are more cultural distinctions today. This cultural and historical patrimony was initially, however, shared fairly identically across the entire Korean peninsula and southern Manchuria. Korean culture includes its entire history, […]

Easy Cake Decorating for Occasions

So, you managed to bake the cake, but now, how are you going to decorate it? Cake making is a very easy thing to do since there are plenty of books to teach you how to do that, but when it comes to cake decorating things can get a bit complicated. To use your imagination […]

How Much Pulled Pork Per Person?

Here, burgers and hot dogs are great for serving guests, but sometimes they are a bit dull. So, it would help if you had something more adventurous, and pulled pork is the best option to serve your guests. If a pulled pork is cooked right, it comes out delicious melt-in-your-mouth pile. If you are a […]

Find The Best Food Truck Rental Services For Promoting Businesses

Food trucks are not a very invention of the modern world. They have managed to become extremely popular over the time. Food trucks, today, are no longer used for only selling food in different locations. These trucks are also being used for plenty other purposes. This mobile truck can be highly beneficial for many businesses. […]

How Automotive Manufacturers are Making Improvements for Road Safety?

How Automotive Manufacturers are Making Improvements for Road Safety?

Overview Cars have also become immensely popular to the point where almost every household in the US owns a car. Ease of access and ease of commute in today’s lives makes care indispensable. We also have cars that can drive themselves, but the biggest problem is, with the increasing number of cars on the road, […]