The recent data of people losing their life because of overdose is scary. In 2020, the percentage of people dying of drug overdose was 81,003, a jump of 20% from the previous year. The weekly cases of drug overdose also face a 45% increase than the last year.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic played a role. But it only acted as fuel in the already burning cases of overdose. By the way, it is only one side of the coin. The second side is the success of rehabilitation centers. According to the Butler center for research, almost 89% of the people, who completed their rehabilitation, are sober after one month. 

So, if you are aware of the rehabilitation center near me, this data should not scare you. However, if you are looking for a center but not sure which one to choose, here is a list of ways to select a reliable rehabilitation center.

Tips to Select a Rehabilitation Center

When you search the rehabilitation center near me, you might see a lot of them. Here are tips to select among them:

Every rehab is specific to different problems. Even if you find three to four rehabs that offer a similar specialty, you will observe a difference in their parameter of success and the process they choose to get that. Thus, it becomes extremely vital to look for a rehab that could comply with your rehab goals. But for that, first, you need to decide on those goals. Some ways to do so is:

Once you are clear on these things, it will become easier for you to choose a rehab center.

The most trustable way to find your treatment requirements and a rehab center that could match your goals is to consult a treatment provider. But, unfortunately, the enormous options available in the market make it difficult for patients to eliminate the unwanted ones.

However, a treatment provider is aware of various rehab aspects that you might not even know. Also, they know about the inside of various rehab centers. Thus, they can provide you with precise information about each rehabilitation center near you. You can select the one according to that information. 

When you know about the available options according to your needs and goals, you need to research each separately. Then, use the internet and your contacts to get as much information as you can.

According to a study, a center will educate or national certificate holder clinicians to practice an evidence-based treatment path. Thus, you want a rehab center with well-trained staff. 

It is not difficult to find the credentials as most rehab centers display them. So, you can quickly check whether or not your therapist holds relevant skills or certificates. Undoubtedly, a therapist with past addictions can connect to you quickly, but relevant certificates are relatively better to go with. 

Here you need to take a crucial decision that drastically affects your rehab journey. There are primarily two types of rehab centers. They are:

Both types have pros and cons. Inpatient usually offers a higher success rate than outpatient. But it is expensive, and you will fail to continue with your daily routine. Whereas outpatient is relatively cheaper, and you can follow up your daily work. 

There are confusions whether a rehabilitation center near me is ideal or you should choose a faraway place. A rehabilitation center close to you is good if you have commitments or cannot live away from home for a long time. On the contrary, it is good to get a place without any connection with your former life. It helps you to feel free and get a break from toxic relationships or triggers that influence you towards drugs or alcohol.

The length of treatment varies in rehab centers. Some centers offer 30, 60, or 90 days of treatment. If you go with experts, 30 days is too little to recover from substance abuse. Thus, it is better to go with 60 days or 90 days. However, there are rehab centers that have shown excellent records with only 30 days of treatment. So, it depends on what you can offer based on your family, financial, and professional commitments.

While choosing a rehab center, the cost of treatment is a vital factor for most patients. The charge depends on various factors, such as the programs you choose to participate in, the length of your stay, and the types of facilities provided. However, cost should not limit you from taking a quality treatment. Various places grant financial help to patients to get treatment in rehab centers. Choose any one of them and continue with your recovery plan.

Once you know the parameters and your requirements, it is time to compare the available options on those measures. Make sure you give proper time to investigate each rehab carefully. Then select the one that fulfills your requirement as well as the basic standards. These tips will help you at each step of selecting a reliable rehab center for you.


Choosing a rehab center is undoubtedly a tough job because you have to consider different factors and select the best for you. But its benefits are worth your efforts. Around 80% of the people claim to have benefited from a healthy and improved lifestyle after returning from rehab centers. So, do not wait more and enroll in a rehab center.