Waymark, the AI video creator, and The E.W. Scripps Company, have signed a local advertising deal that will feature Waymark’s Generative AI technology rolled out across all 61 of Scripps’ owned and operated broadcast stations in 41 markets nationally.

Through its partnership with Waymark, Scripps can now offer its local advertising partners instant and affordable video creative that overcomes traditional barriers to video advertising. Waymark’s AI-powered video platform enables local businesses to generate high-quality commercials with professional voice-over in five minutes or less. This agreement does not involve newsrooms at any Scripps property.

The announcement comes after a pilot program earlier this year where the Scripps-owned stations integrated Waymark’s technology successfully into its local ad sales efforts.

“After a successful pilot test program across five of its owned-and-operated stations, we’re thrilled to roll out our Gen-AI video platform across all the Scripps stations nationally,” says Waymark CEO Alex Persky-Stern. “Waymark’s instant, fully customized commercials, plus Scripps’ wide distribution, will open the door to premium video advertising for millions of businesses that otherwise wouldn’t have had the budget, time or know-how.”

“Everything we do must be in the best interest of our audiences and our clients and their needs,” said Brian Norris, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for The E.W. Scripps Company. “The rapid and dramatic advancements in technology allow us to service clients in real time. We aim to be nimble, move quickly and help brands reach audiences to scale beyond social media origins.”

Its deal with Scripps is the latest leading media company to sign on with Waymark within the past year, following agreements with FOX TV Stations, Nine (Australia), Spectrum Reach, Gray Television, Beasley Media Group and Morgan Murphy Media. Waymark’s platform is also included in the creative directories of major streaming platforms Hulu and Roku, where ad managers can utilize Waymark’s technology to create top-tier video ads. 

Waymark is using creative AI to make professional video production easier than it’s ever been. The tech startup has combined multiple generative AI models to create an end-to-end video creation platform. With their tool, anyone who can type basic instructions can produce ready-to-air commercials fit for TV, streaming, and digital.