AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV) announced that Raw Travel® is kicking off the first of its original brand-new episodes for a ninth consecutive season this weekend, October 30th& 31st. The first-run, syndicated T.V. series’ Season Nine will be broadcast in 173 cities representing 95% of the USA.

Thanks to a less tepid, progressively safer, and more robust recovery, Raw Travel will be rolling out new episodes that showcase travel’s return in a hopefully more responsible version of travel. 
After almost 20 months without any international travel, producer, and host of the series, Robert G. Rose, ventured forth internationally to Croatia last summer, when travel first opened to vaccinated travelers from the U.S. Rose captured several “Going Solo” adventures in the Croatia series to showcase how travel can hopefully come back more innovative, not bigger.
Raw Travel’s first episode, 901, “Dubrovnik, Croatia,” kicks off the new episodes of Season 9 on October 30th and 31st. The episode explores the thorny issue of over-tourism by showcasing how tourism officials address the need for a rebounding economy with sustainable travel. Rose shows viewers how they can have more fulfilling travel experiences by offering real-world examples in Dubrovnik and other locales.
Then in episode 902, Raw Travel points its camera to Puerto Rico, showcasing how the Caribbean Island balances responsible travel with the tourism industry. “Puerto Rico, Naturally,” is the first of three episodes set in the territory and focuses on a few ways Puerto Ricans are preserving the environment while taking control of their food sourcing via cutting-edge farming and agri-tourism techniques. Episode 902 premieres on November 6th and 7th.
Episode 903, “R.V. and Me: Maiden Voyage” will premiere November 13th and 14th and showcases Rose’s purchase of a Mini-RV and his first-time travel experience with the trailer and tow vehicle. From purchase to his maiden voyage, viewers will be able to ride along with Rose as he explores the intricacies and joys of a solo road trip in a small, self-contained R.V. 
Finally, Raw Travel Episode 904 features Rose’s beloved adopted hometown of New York City and focuses on its comeback and the lesser-visited borough of Queens. Entitled “Let’s Go NY See: Queens.” The episode is a victory lap of sorts for NYC’s comeback and hopes to encourage visitors to get outside of the mass tourism zone to explore the outer boroughs of New York, beginning with Queens. Raw Travel 904 will debut in the USA on November 20th and 21st
The Season 9 trailer is at and visit for more information.