From USA Network: It’s game on, mother nature! This spring, USA Network will embark into the great outdoors with its four-part adventure series “Mud, Sweat and Beards,” premiering on Monday, April 4 at 11pm ET/PT, immediately following “WWE Raw.” On each episode of this all-new show, world-class wilderness experts and real-life best friends Donny Dust and Ray Livingston will tackle some of the earth’s most remote locations to do what they love and do best: build primitive paradises. For a sneak peek, click HERE. 

Setting out for 10 days at a time in the Alaskan wilderness, Louisiana swampland, New Mexico desert and Icelandic shores, Donny and Ray will use their wit and ingenuity to work hand-in-hand as they do everything from building elaborate shelters to tracking down natural food sources, all while combating extreme weather, hunger, predators and wicked BO. “Mud, Sweat and Beards” showcases Donny and Ray’s version of a vacation, where they’ll put their skills to the ultimate test by taking on anything mother nature throws at them and having a great time in the process.  

Throughout the eventized season, Donny and Ray have their hands full practicing Alaskan bushcraft, braving alligator-infested waters in handmade reed kayaks, constructing a mud hogan for warmth during the desert nights, and building a Viking roundhouse out of logs and turf. Working to keep their stomachs full too, they smoke a pine marauding porcupine, track down an elusive dog-sized swamp rat, discover what the desert has to offer besides cactus, and hit the Icelandic cliffs to hunt.   

“Mud, Sweat and Beards” is produced by Leftfield Pictures, an ITV America company, with Shawn Witt, Gretchen Palek, Ryan Pender, Zach Green and Matt Odgers serving as executive producers.