From Vizio: Tori Spelling is collaborating with MyTime Movie Network and serving up a new lifestyle series @Home with Tori, starring actress, author, and TV personality Tori Spelling. @Home with Tori is a 10-episode VIZIO exclusive TV series, premiering on VIZIO WatchFree+. Each episode is centered around themes curated by Tori. The series will feature a variety of special guests including Patti Stranger of The Millionaire Matchmaker and many more. From family-themed episodes featuring mothers and daughters to pool parties and cocktail specials, this series has something for everyone. @Home with Tori is currently in production and will officially premiere on WatchFree+ in May 2022.

Tori Spelling is an actress best known for her iconic role in 90210. However, behind the scenes Tori loves to cook and entertain. In this lifestyle cooking series featuring ten 30-minute episodes, Tori showcases tips and tricks for cooking, baking, and entertaining as she prepares dishes from locally sourced foods. Joined by her family, celebrity guests and expert chefs, @Home with Tori celebrates themes ranging from family traditions, travel, birthday and holiday festivities and more.

“To say I’m excited to film a series with my friends and family from the comfort of my own home would be an understatement,” Spelling said. “From cooking to entertaining, we hope to inspire viewers to create memorable experiences from home. We are going to have a lot of fun and I’m thrilled the VIZIO audience will be along for the journey with us.”

“We were excited to work with Tori Spelling and Jacob Nasser to create these episodes that VIZIO audiences will love.  Based on our Inscape data, we know that they enjoy cooking, DIY, and entertainment, and together we developed the episodes that were a natural fit for Tori’s passions and that would resonate with what our viewers want to watch most,” said Greg Barnard, Director of Content Acquisition at VIZIO and Executive Producer of @Home with Tori. “This show invites audiences to join Tori and special guests in her home for an exclusive entertainment experience and is another great example of how we continue to deliver programming that is unique, relevant and available only on VIZIO.”

@Home with Tori is the first original production from MyTime Movie Network, a female-focused network of channels that’s available in 19 countries and 6 languages. MyTime is committed to bringing a slate of original productions to their audiences around the globe.

@Home with Tori is produced by Jacob Nasser, who most recently produced Second Chance at Love for (Hallmark) and Twice Bitten for (BET+), and is known for producing over 20 other features & series for various networks and studios.