The Peace Studio is proud to unveil the inaugural “Artist As Catalyst” program in California which is being made possible through the support of Unlikely Collaborators. Set to take place in Santa Monica, July 18-21, the program invites 40 artists, ages 18-26, for a unique, four-day experience, designed to empower them to make art, make a living, and make a difference – in collaboration rather than competition. The Unlikely Collaborators financial support of The Peace Studio will extend until 2026 as part of a long-term commitment to nurturing impact-driven artists.

Hosted in Unlikely Collaborator’s headquarters and partner collaboration space in Santa Monica, “Artist As Catalyst” is an initiative that brings together established arts leaders to share their knowledge with talented, emerging artists. Applications for the program open today, April 1, 2024, and are available at The program and application to it are completely free!

Elizabeth R. Koch, the visionary founder of Unlikely Collaborators, shared her excitement: “Artists help us get out of our usual, everyday conditioned mindsets and see ourselves and our contexts from multiple perspectives. This expands our Perception Box.”
Echoing this sentiment, Thomas West, Executive Director for The Peace Studio, said, “We are excited about this new relationship with Unlikely Collaborators to together foster a collaborative community of working artists in LA. Following the success of this program in Miami, we are confident that a city as art-centric as LA will become a hub for fostering peace through art.”

Unlikely Collaborators is a start-up with an ambitious but attainable mission: to untangle the stories that hold us back as individuals, communities, nations, and humanity at large. By asking sometimes contradictory but always consequential questions, we provoke powerful acceptance of self and others by helping people gain agency over their Perception BoxTM.

Co-founded by author and peacebuilding educator Maya Soetoro, literary agents Todd Shuster and Jennifer Gates, and media consultant Judy Rodgers, The Peace Studio develops artists and journalists to inspire hope and catalyze transformative social change.
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