Swerve TV, LLC is launching Swerve Sports today, the first free movie network devoted to sports and the films that tell the stories behind the world’s most inspirational athletes. Swerve Sports is available free on channel 234 on The Roku Channel’s Live TV Guide.

 The channel will feature exclusive sports films such as When We Were Kings, which documents the epic 1974 Muhammad Ali heavyweight championship bout in Zaire as well as the acclaimed Murderball, which follows the U.S. Olympic quad rugby team as they discuss the sport of full-contact rugby, their lives, and how they ended up in wheelchairs to begin with while they play their way to the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece. 

According to our recent survey of over 400 free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) viewers, nearly half consider themselves to be huge sports fans, and over 80% enjoy watching sports regularly.  And yet sports content remains the most under-represented major category in the FAST domain. 

“As a cord-cutter and an avid sports fan, it’s a real challenge to find quality free sports programming,” said Swerve TV’s CEO Steve Shannon. “Swerve Sports is here to fill the gap.” 

“ESPN sparked a revolution in sports storytelling with the popular show 30 for 30,” said Dan Keston, Head of Content. “We are committed to finding like-minded inspirational stories so everyone can watch amazing sports content without a subscription.” 

Swerve Sports will feature premium movies at 8:00 P.M. EST every night. It will also feature nightly programming themes such as “More Football Tuesdays” for fans that did not get enough football over the weekend, “Friday Night Fights,” highlighting boxing, MMA, and wrestling content, and FAST exclusive new programming on a regular basis.

About Swerve TV, LLC

Founded in 2021 by veteran digital media executive Steve Shannon, Swerve Sports is the first FAST channel devoted to sports films and documentaries. Dan Keston is the Head of Content and television executives Matt Singerman and Roger Jackson serve as advisors. For more information, please visit swerve.tv.