Press Release: StraxAR, the augmented reality (AR) platform that connects consumers, fans, and students to immersive media through a simple phone scan, today announced that guitarist Robby Krieger of the Doors has granted readers of his recently released memoir, Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying and Playing Guitar with the Doors, an all-access backstage pass to exclusive AR video and editorial content, much of which has never been seen or heard publicly. The programming available with Krieger’s book, curated by the author and programmed by StraxAR, represents a milestone in publishing. The book and its attendant immersive content has debuted simultaneously in the United States, Germany and Spain, with destination content in each country’s respective native tongue.

Set the Night on Fire features Krieger’s personal recollections of his life both on-and off-stage, and is the result of his collaboration with co-author, Jeff Alulis. The StraxAR team is led by Eric Singleton, a lifelong Doors fan and founder and CEO of parent company Strax Networks. Singleton collaborated with Krieger on selecting the immersive AR content and weaving it into the book’s pages. Additionally, Singleton confirmed that earlier this week the company unveiled the app’s newly designed user interface (UI), website —, and AI modules – to enhance the immersive experience for users everywhere.

Using the free StraxAR app, readers of Krieger’s book can unlock both pages and images that bring his fascinating stories to life through exclusive video clips, all of which was provided by Krieger. The simple scan (or “Strax” as it is known) then transports readers into a world of explosive sound and video, specifically related to the subject of that page or chapter.  

An index of pages that fans can “Strax” is available on Krieger’s website,, as well as Fans accessing the StraxAR programming are then automatically and swiftly “redirected” at the conclusion of the AR experience to an additional destination where they can engage even more deeply in the subject matter as they are presented with options to download music, concert tickets, and merchandise, or to experience exclusive live streams from a performance, and more. The redirect portal is updated regularly to always offer fans fresh material. In addition to Krieger’s book, StraxAR collaborates with additional publishers to offer a reader/fan experience that keeps all publications both new and evergreen.

Robby Krieger said, “I’m hoping StraxAR will allow my readers to get a much deeper experience from my book, and will enable me to add a lot of music, video, and words that I was unable to put in the book. Stand by, get the app, and I’ll try to add a bunch of cool stuff by the end of the year.”

“What better way to showcase the leading edge in publishing tech than with AR content that brings fans up close and personal to Robby Krieger, a musical icon and a founding member of one of the world’s most recognized bands, the Doors,” explains Singleton. “The decades-long love of the Doors worldwide meant we had to quickly and simultaneously introduce parts of the content in several different languages for all their fans, one of the many strengths of the StraxAR platform. We are really honored to continue adding to Set the Night on Fire and excited to define new models in publishing, and in any other industry that wants to connect with people in a deeper, more impactful way.”

In Set the Night on Fire, Krieger offers an unfiltered look at his life, career, and memories of Jim Morrison, whose early death stunned and saddened the rock and roll world. Thanks to StraxAR programming, Krieger’s readers can now access a trove of digital content that deepens their experience with color commentary on personal and professional moments from Krieger’s life in, and away from, the spotlight.   

Accessing StraxAR Content is Easy – Try it!:

1. Simply download the free StraxAR™ app, on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store:

2. Launch the app and point your phone, tablet or device at the cover of Set the Night on Fire below…

3. Watch the cover image come to life and enjoy!

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