Press Release: Discovery+ is beginning production on WON’T BE SILENT, a new music documentary feature produced by singer, actress and activist Selena Gomez and author, entrepreneur and political leader Stacey Abrams, and directed by Kristi Jacobson (“Solitary,” “A Place at the Table”).

WON’T BE SILENT will celebrate songs that have impacted the world on a variety of issues and the incredible female artists behind them. The film is a love letter to the women in music who have used their voices to change the course of history with their art and activism.

“The powerful women we will be highlighting are not only talented but have been on the frontline of pushing culture forward and holding a mirror up to political and social injustices,” said Gomez.

“Throughout history, women in music have used their art as activism by bringing attention to issues impacting our nation and world. “WON’T BE SILENT is a celebration of the artists who have contributed to bettering the world through their timeless music,” said Abrams.

“Music is one of the most essential and inspiring elements of the human experience. In its most powerful form, music can be both an expression of struggle and the gateway to understanding. WON’T BE SILENT will showcase the value of music through the lens of some of our greatest female artists and their powerful songs that inspire us in times of division and strife,” said Igal Svet, VP, Documentaries, discovery+. “We admire how passionately Selena uses her enormous platform to speak out on issues affecting her generation and Stacey’s tireless pursuit of change. Together with Kristi Jacobson’s intimate and thoughtful directorial eye, this film will shine light on these enlightening stories in a way that only Selena and Stacey can.”

Producing partners for WON’T BE SILENT include Academy & Emmy(R) Award-winner Angus Wall and Kent Kubena of MakeMake Entertainment (“Icarus,” “13th,” “Jennifer Lopez: Halftime”), Aleen Keshishian and Zack Morgenroth of Lighthouse Management + Media (“Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me,” “Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry”), Gomez’s July Moon Productions, Abrams’ Sage Works Productions, Academy Award-winner David Seidler (“The King’s Speech”), Clara Hendon and creator Abe Gurko. For discovery+, the executive producer is Igal Svet.