Press Release: Streamer Peacock announced Sean Patton: Number One, a stand-up comedy event, at New Orleans legendary Tipitina’s, that takes audiences on a deep dive into the personal experiences that made Sean who he is today. The 90-minute special explores everything from his obsessive-compulsive disorder to his madhouse of an upbringing and the broken, yet unbreakable bonds of his family.

The logline: Patton, born in New Orleans and based in Brooklyn, offers a hilarious and heart wrenching tapestry of his ridiculous, yet human psyche. Sean Patton: Number One serves as a reminder to viewers that there is beauty in human flaws and that laughter is the Number One way to persevere and accept the shortcomings that define who we are.

Michael Che, Sean Patton, Samantha Murphy, Ian Adkins, Ryan Bitzer, Damion Greiman, Anthony Leo will executive produce.

“Sean Patton is one of my favorite comedians to watch perform. He’s incredibly original, thoughtful, and doesn’t let fear get in the way of his truth. I’m very excited and thankful to work with Peacock in sharing this special with their subscribers, and I hope we can do more,” said Michael Che, Comedian and Executive producer inĀ  a statement.

“This special is pure, uncut, me. Specifically, the humiliating underbelly of my being. I wear it all like a badge of honor. A one-man army of buffoonery. I couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world and I’m grateful to this whole team for helping me do it,” noted Sean Patton, Comedian