Press Release: Paramount+ announced that filming is underway for PROTEST AND PROGRESS, a feature documentary exploring the influence and significance of protest movements in shaping social change through the lens of photographer and Oscar-nominated social activist Misan Harriman. The film is produced by Doc Hearts in association with PTIS, the international studio division of Paramount Global.

PROTEST AND PROGRESS will follow Harriman’s journey as he travels to environments around the world documenting the resilience and determination of grassroots activists fighting for movements including equality, gender justice, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental sustainability and more. Featuring interviews with activists and photographers on the front lines of protests, the cinematic docu-film will provide unique perspectives on the challenges they face and the strategies they employ to effect meaningful change.

Underpinned by the film’s three distinct pillars – Power, Civil & Human Rights and Migration – viewers will also gain insight into Harriman’s personal evolution as an activist, and his enduring commitment to leveraging photography as a tool for social justice. Throughout, Harriman contextualizes what led him onto this powerful path and why he is destined to use his platform to encourage a better world.

Misan Harriman said: “We are living in a time of great change and challenge. Amidst this, I want my art and advocacy to build bridges and bring people together. I want to explore how we can hold ourselves accountable for our fallible nature – have we made progress through protest? I’m embarking on this journey with an amazing team to explore these vital questions, in a year where the stakes have never been higher.”

Filming on location across three continents during a pivotal year for global change, PROTEST AND PROGRESS will capture the moment as seen through Harriman’s eyes. The film will debut exclusively on Paramount+ globally in early 2025. Harriman’s short film The After, is nominated for an Oscar(R) for Best Live Action Short Film.

PROTEST AND PROGRESS is Executive Produced by Andy Mundy-Castle – who also serves as Director – and Joanna Natasegara for Doc Hearts, along with Harriman. The film is produced by Aletha Shepherd, Adam Gee & Wyn Baptiste for Doc Hearts, and has been commissioned for Paramount+ by Adrian Padmore, VP Commissioning Editor, Paramount UK.