From Peacock: The one-of-a-kind sketch special from A24 will feature famous comedy duo Berlant (A League of Their Own) and Early (Search Party, The Afterparty) as sitcom stars from the world-renowned television program “He’s Gay, She’s Half-Jewish.” Despite their undeniable chemistry and monumental success, Kate and John’s relationship suffers a very public falling out and eventual legal battle. But where are they now? Would it Kill You to Laugh is the chance for fans, and the world, to find out. Berlant and Early will also play an unpredictable variety of characters throughout. Television veteran and Emmy winner Meredith Vieira will appear as TV Newscaster in the special.

Cast: Kate Berlant, John Early, Meredith Vieira
Executive Producers: Kate Berlant, John Early, Andrew DeYoung (555, PEN 15) and A24 (Euphoria, Ramy)
Directed and Co-Written by: Andrew DeYoung
Produced by: A24
Format: 1 x 60 min episode