Press Release: Barvanna, Inc. announced today a multi-year agreement with DIRECTV for BUSINESS, expanding the emerging new sports and entertainment network’s reach to more than 300,000 businesses across the United State.

Initially launching in Trinidad in late 2020, Barvanna quickly grew to encompass thousands of locations in multiple Caribbean countries by 2021. The platform then began a soft launch throughout the United States in 2022, laying the groundwork for this landmark deal with DIRECTV®. Barvanna specializes in fun, engaging, and informative short-form sports and entertainment content designed specifically for out-of-home consumption, giving customers a valuable tool to help take their businesses to the next level.

The channel’s eclectic short-form offerings include conversation starters, trivia questions, action sports videos, onscreen games, inspiring quotes, and more—providing “glance digestible” programming that can be quickly and easily consumed at any given time. This versatile approach is suitable for a variety of locations from bars and restaurants to hotel lobbies, health clubs, retail stores, and anywhere else with a DIRECTV Commercial account.

Where similar platforms encourage users to “cut the cord,” Barvanna strives to work in conjunction with cable and satellite operators, producing content that perfectly complements multichannel video programming distributor’s (MVPDs) existing sports and entertainment networks. Barvanna airs alongside these offerings on screens in sports bars, restaurants, and elsewhere, to keep patrons interested and engaged.

With football season upon us, Barvanna is delivering non-stop college sports-specific trivia every Saturday morning throughout the season, and pro football trivia on Sunday mornings, allowing establishments to better-utilize their screen space by providing a steady stream of interactive content to draw customers in early and entice them to stay longer as they enjoy answering football trivia questions and watching videos while they wait for their favorite teams to take the field.

In the future, Barvanna aims to continue to innovate the out-of-home programming landscape, developing separate trivia-themed channels and launching interactive contests, themed programming blocks and “watch and win” incentive campaigns.

“DIRECTV strives to provide our commercial customers with the best tools to help them thrive, while creating an experience that will keep their patrons engaged,” said Doug Eichler, Senior Vice President DIRECTV Business Solutions. “Barvanna delivers a dynamic and unique network that is satellite-friendly, highly engaging, and different from anything else on the market. We are excited to work with them and are confident that our customers will enjoy all the entertaining content they offer.”

“This is truly a landmark deal for our network, cementing Barvanna as the most widely distributed out-of-home network in the United States,” said Sean Riley, co-founder of Barvanna. “Barvanna is the only linear cable network specially designed for public spaces, with easily digestible short-form content to entertain patrons whether they are dining, working out, waiting for an appointment or getting ready to watch the big game. Our versatile and wide-ranging content offerings don’t compete against cable or networks like ESPN, but instead complement them, enhancing traditional out-of-home experiences with continuous 24/7 entertainment that adapts to what is being shown in the sports bar, restaurant, or anywhere else. We could not be more thrilled to join forces with DIRECTV, and we look forward to welcoming their business customers into the Barvanna family.”

About Barvanna, Inc.:

Founded in 2020 by Sean Riley and Duvon Lawrence, Barvanna has emerged as the premier destination for out-of-home sports and entertainment content—specifically designed to help businesses keep patrons engaged and interested with round-the-clock short-form programming that is both interactive, fun, and informative. Since its initial launch throughout Trinidad, the Caribbean, and 12 other countries, Barvanna has expanded its reach into the United States, and is currently available to more than 300,000 commercial users nationwide through DIRECTV. For more information, please visit