Netflix has announced the production of a new romance series from Japan, featuring a global ensemble cast from across Asia and the world. Based on the French film Les Émotifs anonymes (English: Romantics Anonymous), the series kicks off with a chance encounter between a man and a woman sparked by their mutual love for chocolate. The catch? Both live with their own anxiety disorders. The man can’t physically touch others, while the woman can’t make eye contact, making their budding relationship both challenging and endearing.

The series features talents from Japan and Korea including Shun Oguri who plays the main lead, along with Han Hyo-Joo as the heroine, and Jin Akanishi.

Oguri portrays Sosuke Fujiwara, the new representative of popular chocolate shop “Le Sauveur” and the son of a major confectionery magnate. Sosuke’s germophobia, stemming from a traumatic past, complicates his new job.

Han plays Hana Lee, a gifted chocolatier who conceals her identity from the Le Sauveur members, except for the owner, and battles her own fears of social interactions.

Yuri Nakamura also joins the project as Irene, a renowned psychologist and author who not only serves as Sosuke’s primary physician but also becomes a counselor to Hana, helping her navigate her challenges. Despite her professional success, Irene faces her own struggles with alcoholism and romantic relationships.

Lastly, Jin Akanishi joins them as Hiro Takada, the owner of the bar “Brush,” whom Hana secretly harbors feelings for. He has been friends with Sosuke since their school days and had a close relationship with the original owner of “Le Sauveur”, Hana’s mentor.

Sho Tsukikawa (Yu Yu Hakusho), who’s also known for numerous romantic films, will direct the series. In addition, Lee Ha Jun (Parasite) will lead the production design, including the central chocolate boutique set that’s almost like another character in the story. Yang Jin Mo (Parasite) will serve as editor, and Dalpalan, an award-winning veteran music director, will work on the music. This is the first Japanese series developed and produced by YONG FILM (Believer 2, The Call, 20th Century Girl, My Name is Loh Kiwan), known for their skillfully crafted and diverse projects.

This new romance series is currently in production and will be coming to Netflix in 2025.