FOX Nation will debut a new four-part historical docudrama on George Washington hosted and executive produced by award-winning actor Kelsey Grammer, announced Lauren Petterson, president of the platform. “GEORGE: Rise of a Revolutionary,” will premiere on Monday, July 1st dropping all four episodes that week as the country celebrates Independence Day. Over the course of the series, viewers will observe Washington as he grows from a headstrong, risk-taking young soldier determined to fight for the British Crown, into a leading voice of America’s growing resistance against England.

In making the announcement, Petterson said, “Kelsey transports viewers back to the beginning of Washington’s story and masterfully showcases a different side of the Founding Father, spotlighting a young man who was fighting to make the ultimate name for himself in a truly captivating series.”

Mr. Grammer added, “George Washington’s story is not over, thankfully. I truly enjoyed bringing this part of his life to light. I also truly enjoy the lens of history when focused on the times of today. With George’s spirit in mind, I suggest we all embrace the fortitude and enduring courage it may take to remain a free and independent America! I love George Washington and hope to do him proud.”

Told through a combination of dramatic re-creations and expert commentary, “GEORGE: Rise of a Revolutionary” offers a seldom-seen perspective on America’s most famous Founding Father. Viewers will witness how disillusionment turned a fearless and flawed young man with a burning ambition to serve the Crown, into a leading voice of the burgeoning backlash against British tyranny, as George becomes a man who is willing to risk it all. Over the course of four episodes, viewers will see the man behind the legend, and the journey that led him to become the face of nation’s fight for liberty.

GEORGE: Rise of a Revolutionary is produced by Stephen David Entertainment and executive producers Tim W. Kelly, Jonathan Soule, Lorenzo De Boni, and Tom Russo alongside Grammer.