Press Release: Hulu has ordered “Got to Get Out” (working title), a new original social experiment and competition series from Wheelhouse that will test the loyalties of a group of strangers vying for a major payday. Created by Glenn Hugill (“Deal or No Deal,” “The Mole,” “Puzzling”) – president of Wheelhouse’s UK arm – and produced by Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios, “Got to Get Out” will consist of 10 hour-longepisodes.

The new series will feature participants living together in a mansion for 10 days, competing for a cash prize that increases by $1 every second that they’re there. Physical and mental challenges completed throughout will add money to the pot, with a total of $1 million at stake. Participants can stick together and take an equal share of the prize money at the end of their stay – OR they can choose to go rogue and attempt to steal the full pot of money for themselves.

To take the pot, all they have to do is escape the mansion via its single exit: the front gate. However, in this game, getting out is easier said than done.

At various times, both day and night, the gate will open and a getaway car will arrive, presenting an opportunity for cast members to betray their comrades and make off with the cash. However, competitors can block each other’s run for the money via a red button that immediately closes the gate. Temptations, including secret escape intel, taunt players at every turn, upending strategies and threatening allegiances.

While “Got to Get Out” incorporates physically demanding and mentally taxing challenges, this uniquely grueling competition hinges on the group’s constantly evolving social dynamic and hierarchy. What happens when a participant fails to escape and must continue to live with the people they’ve just betrayed? How will the exhausting and unrelenting pressure of policing each other 24/7 affect their relationships and performance? And who can they trust … if anyone?

“Got to Get Out” will be produced for Hulu by Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios with Brent Montgomery, Ed Simpson, Glenn Hugill, Pam Healey and Liz Fine serving as executive producers. Charles Wachter will serve as executive producer and showrunner.

“Got to Get Out” rounds out a banner slate in Hulu Originals unscripted series, including “The Kardashians,” now in its fourth season, which originally premiered as and remains both the most-watched unscripted series and most-watched premiere in the history of the platform; as well as the recently announced “Vanderpump Villa,” starring and executive produced by Lisa Vanderpump, set to premiere in 2024.