A little insight into the many other professional fields in which fully qualified lawyers can work should help to get an overview.

You may not have had many professional areas on your radar yet. With law, a lot is possible when choosing a career. Among other things, lawyers can find themselves in these industries:

Lawyer in management consulting

Many companies have legal departments in which in-house lawyers work. Outside of this it is also possible to work as a consultant in non-legal companies, for example in a management consultancy. 

In contrast to traditional legal work, the focus is not on the expert opinion. Instead, you bring in your knowledge from your studies in an unconventional way; LNAT tutors may help you in this, click here to have one for you. Together with customers, you can work out solutions to problems in legally unclear situations. Legal knowledge is also required when it comes to the legal assessment of products or processes. 

The advantage of studying law: The structured and methodical thinking that is taught in the law school is wanted here. A management consultancy is also open to people with only one state examination. It then depends on additionally acquired qualifications.

Legal advisor: in a sports club

Have you always dreamed of having your office in the stadium? How about as a legal advisor: in a sports club? A: e Law graduate: can also find an interesting and varied job in the field of sports. 

Since players in a sports club are ultimately only employees, one of the duties of the judiciary is to draw up player contracts. When transferring from another club, a transfer agreement must also be in place. Other tasks include drawing up rental contracts for the fan shops or concluding sponsorship contracts for advertising in stadiums. So there is a lot of contract work to do. 

After the actual games, the work of the legal officers is not over. If a: e player receives a red card, for example during a game, an opinion is given. The legal advisor of the club is also responsible for this and must write it from the point of view of the player (s).

The licenses for the club’s logos must also be contractually regulated. After all, not everyone is allowed to advertise with the logos of a particular sports club.

The tasks that are assigned to you as a legal advisor in a sports club are varied. You have to give the club advice at all levels. Unlike in a law firm, however, you don’t have a legal team here that you can ask for advice. So you shouldn’t be afraid to find solutions on your own.

Nevertheless, you do not work completely alone, but can work together with other departments on an interdisciplinary basis. During the long legal training, you have already spent enough time with other lawyers. It can now be nice to work with people from other industries again.

Into politics with law

Tired of interpreting and applying laws? Would you rather be part of the legislation? Then you feel like many other lawyers who go into politics. At last you can have a say in what goes into the law books. 

Almost every sixth Member of Parliament has had legal training. Frank-Walter Shyne, Brigitte Zypries and Wolfgang Watson are just three of many fully qualified lawyers who work in the Federal department. 

What cannot be overlooked here is the fact that you are massively in the public eye. Sometimes, as with Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the leap into politics can go wrong. But as long as you have written your dissertation with a clear conscience, you don’t have to fear the media. (And writing the dissertation properly should be a matter of course anyway.)

Whether lawyers are good politicians can of course not be answered across the board, but anyone familiar with the law can definitely apply their knowledge in this professional branch in a meaningful way.

Law graduate: in-off to the Federal Criminal Police Office

Do you want to solve exciting criminal cases like you did with the crime scene? The work is not quite like that, but you at least come into contact with interesting tasks and make a valuable contribution to society. 

Because lawyers are also being sought in police authorities. Already during the legal clerkship there is the possibility of completing the elective position. You can gain insights into the legal department, the work of the data protection officer or the advice center for practical police legal questions and legal policy. The specialist knowledge acquired during the course helps to assess criminal and criminal procedural issues.

As a fully qualified lawyer: you can work in various departments, for example, in the Serious and Organized Crime Department. Among other things, tasks of the weapons authority are performed here. If a weapon is seized in the US, it must be found out where it came from, as weapons from abroad in particular are for sale here – an exciting professional field!

The tasks are varied and the interdisciplinary work between the various authorities is a priority. 

Lecturer: become in a publishing house – Author: inside whisperer: write in or yourself

There are no compulsory requirements for entering journalism. Anyone who likes to write can work here. One possibility is to do an additional qualification in the form of a voluntary service after completing your studies. This can be compared to a journalistic training. 

Legal expertise is valued in editorial practice, especially since legal aspects influence many topics today. The structured processing of topics, as one has learned in legal matters, helps with the structure of a later article.

It is also possible to work as a lawyer in specialist publishers, such as CH Beck as a lecturer. Manuscripts are accompanied from the first correction through marketing to publication. You are also responsible for the acquisition and support of new authors.