HGTV has greenlit 11 new series and placed three more pilots in production. As the go-to network for aspirational, inspirational and attainable home renovation, design and real estate series, HGTV has expanded its offerings to include shows covering cleaning, organization, rentals, mansions and family relationships at home. The network’s latest show order of more than 85 episodes showcases families, business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers who will share their experiences of buying, selling and renovating homes. In addition to new faces, the upcoming HGTV slate features several proven network talent, including Mike Holmes and Ken and Anita Corsini, in new series.

“Our audience loves that we are stretching the home genre without losing the great storytelling that they’ve come to expect from HGTV,” said Jane Latman, president, HGTV. “We continue to break the boundaries of the home genre with unique, buzzy show concepts, celebrated experts and dynamic influencers. If you want to see innovative renovation ideas in action and dream of what you can accomplish in your own home, HGTV is the place for you.”

The following series have been added to the HGTV programming pipeline for 2021/2022:

Familiar Faces

For years, contractor Mike Holmes has been living out his personal mission to “make it right” for hundreds of homeowners who have fallen victim to careless and dishonest contractors. In Holmes Family Rescue, Mike will team up with his kids, Michael Holmes, Jr. and Sherry Holmes, to rescue clients who have nowhere else to turn after living through botched construction jobs.

Ken and Anita Corsini built their real estate business from the ground up and have flipped hundreds of houses to date, gaining fans on their HGTV series Flip or Flop Atlanta. Now in Flipping Showdown, the Corsinis will invite three talented teams of flippers to their local market in Atlanta—and will give them the opportunity of a lifetime. Putting their own money on the line, Ken and Anita will purchase three investment properties for each duo and provide the funding for the teams to design and renovate the homes in only six months. Ken and Anita will judge each team on three criteria: budget management, design talent and ability to successfully oversee the renovations. When the time is up, the flipping team that gets the highest score will win $100,000 and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the Corsinis in their company.

Renovations for Millennial Homeowners

HGTV’s new series First Home Fix (wt) will spotlight design duo and real-life couple, Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddus, as they help create custom renovations for eager young newlywed and millennial clients. Working from their vintage VW van, which also doubles as their design office, Austin and Raisa will show these homeowners how to best stretch their tight budgets utilizing sweat equity and strategic design decisions. In the end, the pair will help the young clients transform their dated properties into the homes of their dreams.

House Hunting with a Twist

HGTV will add an exciting new title to its popular house hunting genre from the producers of TLC’s 90 Day FiancéMoving for Love will follow long-distance relationships as they go through the ultimate test of finding their first home together. When these couples decide to take the big step of “closing the distance,” they will be forced to choose between two totally different locations—and one person will have to completely uproot their life.

Real Estate and Renovation Rescue

Navigating the ever-changing real estate market and overwhelming process of a home renovation is daunting, so HGTV will spotlight new experts who swoop in to save homeowners when they are in over their heads.

In Why the Heck Did I Buy This House? (wt), San Antonio-based designer and renovator Kim Wolfe will come to the rescue of homeowners who have major buyer’s remorse. This former Survivor winner and mom of three will use her expert skills to reinvent their lifeless spaces and make homeowners finally fall in love with their house.

Husband/wife design team Kele Dobrinski and Christina Valencia will settle the score between couples who have drastically different design preferences to create their one perfect dream home in Renovation Remix. Kele and Christina will help these homeowners combine their styles to create an ideal “mashup design” that caters to both of their unique tastes.

Real estate phenom Lauren Risley has garnered a reputation for getting results from some of the toughest and pickiest buyers. In each episode of Call the Closer, Lauren will help these clients break through the barriers that are standing in their way of finding the right house, then she will guide them through a renovation that will leave them living in the home of their dreams.

With a construction background, a sixth sense for safety and a family of his own, expert home inspector Joe Mazza will ensure his clients don’t move into a risky property in the new series Home Inspector Joe. Alongside his go-to designer, Noel Gatts, Joe will help guide house hunters to the perfect home where their budget will cover the repair of high priority safety issues, while cost-conscious Noel will make their design dreams come true. When Joe and Noel’s work is done, these families will have a beautifully renovated—and safe—new home.

Out-of-the-Box Builds

HGTV will spotlight out-of-the-ordinary, unique homes in Building Roots. In the new series, husband and wife duo Ben and Cristi Dozier will build, design and renovate boundary-pushing projects. From small renovations to massive builds and ultra-modern designs to rustic finishes, Ben and Cristi will tackle it all and produce one-of-a-kind, highly personalized work that always exceeds their clients’ expectations.

Making Old New Again

HGTV will give a major nod to the hot trend of upcycling in the new series Renovation GoldmineJoe and Meg Piercy have made a successful design and renovation business based on the goldmine of treasures they find in their clients’ homes. In each episode, the husband-wife team will renovate Chicago properties with their signature touch—giving new life to furniture and other pieces the clients already own—so the money saved can ensure these families get the home overhauls they’ve always wanted.

House Flipping Social Experiment

In My Flippin Fortune (wt), HGTV will conduct an edge-of-your-seat house flipping experiment as never seen before. The series will follow two couples, who are both successful house flippers in their respective markets. They will be dropped in an unknown city where the pairs will set out to prove that in the world of real estate, it’s possible to start out with almost nothing and turn it into a fortune. With an initial budget of only $1,000, each couple will work the real estate and flipping market to buy and sell properties. Their goal: build to a $1 million house sale in just six months. Each couple will need to pull out every trick in the book to make their flipping fortune.

New Pilots

HGTV has numerous development deals in play and has greenlit several noteworthy pilots for premiere in the next year. Among them:

For the St. Louis-based McMiller brothers, every renovation is a family affair in Flip It To the Maccs (wt). After years of working in construction for their father, Jon and Willie decided to start their own real estate and renovation business. Jon, a licensed real estate agent and builder, and Willie, a standup comic who reinvests his profits into improving the community, will keep home, humor and family first as they transform rundown properties in their beloved hometown.

In Family of Property Love (wt), the Ferrarini family’s mission is to revitalize Philadelphia’s most outdated properties—from row houses to brownstones and everything in between—into uniquely modern homes that feature luxurious design and high-tech upgrades. Interestingly, their dynamic as a family renovation business is hilariously less polished than their overhauled houses. Matriarch Donna holds court over the family, and her son, Matt, heads the business. Together with Matt’s wife, Fabi, and his brother, best friend and honorary uncle, the Ferrarinis push each other to create stunning spaces while also lovingly pushing each other’s buttons.

Revealed will spotlight custom renovations inspired by the unique stories of family ancestry. Designer Veronica Valencia and her expert team are on a mission to bring the past to life for their clients by uncovering their family background and then infusing their homes with stunning, personalized and functional designs that reflect their heritage using techniques, styles and materials specific to those cultures.