Press Release: Gameloft for Brands has announced the launch of COMBO! Kids The Gaming Media Network, a media offering designed to enable brands to effectively communicate with Generation Alpha and their parents. This new addition to the Gameloft for brands portfolio follows COMBO!, the in-game advertising network showcasing games from renowned publishers.

Gaming has entered the mainstream now more than ever with nine out of ten children being active video game players and six out of ten parents playing with them, as indicated in the latest Newzoo, ESA & SELL reports. This number is higher for mobile players, as seven out of ten parents – based on Gameloft for brands’ monthly survey – play mobile games with their children.

COMBO! Kids offers a unique platform to reach a diverse audience of parents and children, with children under the age of 18 accounting for 41% of the network’s audience. The remaining 59% are adults, among whom 32% are parents. The network guarantees a safe environment for both players and brands, complying with COPPA, CARU, GDPR and IAB which regulates the children’s privacy online.

COMBO! Kids proposes in-game video & playable ads, integrated contextually into the gaming experience, at key moments of the player’s journey. These moments of achievement or defeat serve as an ideal opportunity for brands to become players’ companions by rewarding their success and offering support during challenges. The rewarding moment has been identified as the preferred method for players, with a staggering 68% respondents stating that they are happy to engage with a rewarded video advertisement according to an IAS Europe & AdReaction Global report. Additionally, it is the ad format that parents feel the most comfortable with when it comes to their children’s exposure to advertising, as[AT17]  highlighted by Gameloft for brands’ latest report, “Gen Alpha & Gaming” available here.

Alexandre Tan, Executive Vice-President of Advertising and Brand Partnerships at Gameloft commented, “With the launch of COMBO! Kids, Gam loft for brands cements its position as an expert in the youth market. We understand the unique dynamics of Generation Alpha and their relationship with gaming. By providing brands with a secure and engaging platform, we enable them to connect with children and parents in a meaningful way, fostering positive experiences and brand likeability. And most importantly, all of this is done in a safe and secure manner for parents and children, as we continually work with multiple agencies that regulate children’s privacy online.”

The attention garnered by COMBO! Kids is unparalleled, with an exceptional 98.3% viewability compared to 67% for traditional media. Moreover, it boasts an impressive 92.4% completion rate, significantly higher than the industry average of 61.9%. The engagement levels achieved through COMBO! Kids are 1.9 times higher, delivering a powerful impact on brand recall, awareness, and likeability. Gameloft for brands’ whitepaper, “Marketing ROI in Gaming: The Positive Impact of Gaming for Brands,” confirms the positive effect of gaming advertisements, with a notable increase of 11% of brand awareness & likeability when players were surveyed upon the completion of game advertisement campaigns.