Press Release: EverStar Entertainment, the development and finance company that specializes in NFT and blockchain participation, announced two new partnerships. The first is partnering with Glass House Studios, represented by Evan Anglin at Zero Gravity Management, along with Compton-based producer Cli-N-Tel (real name Marq Hawkins, part of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru) and Bronx producer Sharif Murphy (“Da Code”) to co-produce Bill Lee’s “New Katt City.” This is animated feature showcasing the musical history of Hip-Hop. The second partnership is with television producer Paul Shavelson (“Crossing Over with John Edwards”) on the limited television series “Wing Ding.” The news came from EverStar co-founders Clayton Guiltner and Ryan McKee.  

“We’re excited to partner with Bill Lee and David Campiti (Glass House) on this exciting project”, McKee said. “Hip-Hop has become a global cultural force and there’s a huge opportunity to support Bill’s vision of bringing some of the most influential names in Hip-Hop to an international audience through a family friendly animated feature film.” said Guiltner. “Partnering with EverStar has been a great decision for us because their connections and resources in the entertainment industry are getting this project in front of the right people”, said Lee. “We also see a huge opportunity to use this film as a launching pad for creative partnerships with various organizations and artists in the Hip-Hop community through NFT and metaverse development.  At the end of the day our goal is to honor the Hip-Hop fans all around the world and have them be excited to watch this film with their families and share their love of Hip-Hop.” said McKee. 

Created by Shavelson, “Wing Ding” takes a comical, behind the scenes look at Franklin Peters, who hosts a controversial television program on the paranormal, as he grapples with early stage, embarrassing symptoms of dementia.  “I’m thrilled to work with Ryan and Clay on this limited series.  They’ve been such an innovative team to catapult this project into fruition as we tackle the serious subject of a powerful man who’s struggling with keeping himself and his successful series together in a very humorous and heartfelt way,” Shavelson says.

EverStar Entertainment seeks to break through traditional Hollywood business models and leverage a global community of fans through engagement and grassroots funding sources.  Currently, EverStar Entertainment boasts a film and television development slate of half dozen feature films and a handful of television series.

“Wing Ding” will become one of the first projects to evolve via EverStar Entertainment’s ability to harness the global community through NFT and blockchain participation. “We’re looking to develop NFT’s that allow our community opportunities to participate in our upcoming slate of films, by offering various perks and rewards such as VIP behind the scenes access, merchandise, community engagement, and more.” Guiltner said.  “We want NFT holders to feel part of the process with the projects they believe in…it’s like crowdfunding on steroids,” McKee said.

McKee, an award-winning film producer and serial entrepreneur, has founded a number of companies ranging from real estate development to retail stores, among many others.  Prolific writer/director/producer Guiltner has worked extensively in film and theatre, most recently as Producing Artistic Director for The Grex Group Theatre in New York and Los Angeles.  Guiltner is a lifetime member of the Director Unit of the renowned Actors Studio.