Streamer discovery+ has ordered a second season of docuseries “Growing Belushi”, which follows Jim Belushi on a journey as he becomes an expert on cannabis farming and groundbreaking discoveries in medicinal cannabis. The logline: With thehelp from some familiar faces, including Dan Aykroyd, Judy Belushi, cousin Chris, and the legendary Captain Jack (whose cannabis was known as “The Smell of SNL”), viewers experience the familiar and familial back-and-forth between cousin Chris and Jim as they use Chris’ restaurant-business savvy to  establish infrastructure, compliance and business know-how at the farm.

“Growing Belushi is about the world of cannabis from seed to sale to patients and consumers,” said Jim Belushi. “The new cannabis consumer will learn everything they need to know to have complete confidence in the expanding universe of cannabis — what to buy, what to ask, where to buy it, how to grow it — the testing, the qualities. You’ll be a total cannabis expert after watching this show. We give a whole lot of information with a lot of humor. It’s edutainment.”

“Growing Belushi” is produced for Discovery by Whitehorse Productions  where James Orr and Jim Belushi are executive producers. For Discovery, Kyle  Wheeler and Joseph Schneier serve as executive producers and Olivia Ghersen is associate producer.