From Discovery: Streamer Discovery+ has announced new and original programming that will be available in April. On Serving the Hamptons, viewers go inside exclusive Southampton restaurant 75 Main to follow the lives of its employees, both in the restaurant and at home in their shared house. High Design with Kim Myles highlights struggling business owners in the cannabis industry as the famed interior designer and cannabis connoisseur helps transform their retail spaces. New True Crime title, Unraveled: Once a Killer, also premieres in April. Additional premieres will be available across categories including Automobile, Lifestyle, Documentaries and Auto.

Titles premiering in April include:


Serving the Hamptons takes viewers into one of the most exclusive enclaves in the world, while showcasing all the juicy drama in the lives of the young, sexy restaurant staff at Southampton’s “it” destination for dining, 75 Main, as they hook up, argue, and work together to make sure the clients come back for more.


Hopeful restaurateurs deal with the stress and pressure of preparing a preview dinner for potential investors, presenting both the food and the total restaurant experience in hopes of securing funding for their dream venture


Nestled deep in the British countryside lies a workshop where broken, battered and beloved artifacts, antiques and curios are brought back to life. An ensemble of skilled and passionate craftspeople put the beauty back into these precious objects.

Design will get a whole new spin in High Design, starring HGTV alum, interior designer and self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseur Kim Myles. The series will follow Kim, who spent two years working in the cannabis industry, as she transforms marijuana dispensaries from California to Maine that are in need of major makeovers. During the series, she will upgrade lackluster interiors into top-of-the-line retail spaces that feel welcoming to clients. Kim also will explore cannabis in all its shapes and sizes as she takes field trips to learn how to make cannabis soaps, lotions, sodas, food items and much more.

Humor, crazy stunts and stunning animations: Curb Your Carbon reveals the simple and effective ways we can all help fight climate change in an easy-to-understand way. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds.


The stranger-than-fiction true story of Michael Brody Jr, a 21-year-old hippie-millionaire who decided to give away his fortune to anyone in need and ignited a psychedelic spiral of events. Countless struggling Americans overwhelmed Brody with personal letters responding to his extraordinary offer, making him an instant celebrity in the process.

A gripping and disturbing documentary thriller, Man Without a Heart immerses viewers in one of the most enigmatic unsolved cases of the last decade, taking them on a journey through Sweden, Spain and England to explore the death of a Spanish man disguised as an impossible suicide. It’s the story of a family willing to fight for the truth no matter its consequences and a puzzle of characters who unravel a mysterious story full of surprises.

True Crime 

In the next installment of the Unraveled anthology, Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen investigate the most elusive criminal to ever strike – the “one and done killer.” These mysterious offenders commit a brutal murder without sufficient evidence, never kill again, and disappear back into society for decades, leaving detectives and criminal profilers with an unsolvable case. With a companion podcast releasing in advance of the two-hour special, Unraveled exposes the limitations of criminal profiling and reveals a new investigative technique that could change the way investigators interpret cold cases.


Following the premiere of Radford Returns on discovery+, Radford Builds takes viewers on an exclusive deep dive further into this world, delving into the technical and emotional demands of building a supercar. Experience intimate conversations with classic Lotus team members Jenson Button and Clive Chapman, and ride along Jenson’s test drives of Lotus cars both old and new. Chip Foose, an original designer of the Lotus Type 62, gives viewers a master class of the car building craft showcasing the detailed work of creating a car from foam and clay with master mechanic Ant Anstead.


This series follows hoteliers in cities and towns across the country that uniquely capture the nostalgia, charm and character of their new hometowns. In this season, hotelier Ben Weprin and his team of artists, craftspeople and designers with Graduate Hotels create custom stays that celebrate the university spirit and provide guests with a one-of-a-kind, nostalgic experience.


Little Big World  places viewers within the scenario of a Little Big World in your own backyard. The immersion will move through plants and flowers in the garden, over counter tops and in-between household products and through pipes and various small openings to create this “larger than life” world.