Aaron Rodgers’ Odds to Be Next Host Worsen Following News of His Agreement with Packers–

Ken Jennings is currently the favorite to be the next permanent Jeopardy! hose, according to betting aggregators US-Bookies.com (See Disclaimer Below). Jennings’ odds worsened slightly from 5/2 (28.6% implied probability) to 3/1 (25%). LeVar Burton worsened from being the 6/4 favorite (40%) in May to his current spot at 7/2 (12.5%), just behind Jennings.

“While Jennings’ odds did technically get worse since May, they didn’t take as much of a hit as LeVar Burton’s, so the former Jeopardy! champ holds a slight edge over the Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek star,” says a US-Bookies spokesperson. “Many have been voicing their support for Burton taking over as the next host, but bookies are still high on Jennings.”

Bill Whitaker’s odds have noticed a significant improvement in recent months. He was 22/1 (4.3% implied probability) in May, but his odds have since improved to 9/1 (10%), where he’s tied with Mike Richards. The two are followed closely by David Faber at 10/1 (9.1%) and Joe Buck at 12/1 (7.7%).

“Aaron Rodgers has been a peculiar subject throughout the search for the next Jeopardy! host, as he was sitting in third at 5/1 odds during a time when many were speculating if he’d end his NFL career,” says a US-Bookies spokesperson. “But recent news suggests the reigning MVP will be back with his team, and his odds have since worsened to 7/1, where he’s still the third favorite.”

Odds to be Next Permanent Jeopardy! Host:

  Odds on
May 11, 2021
Odds on
July 28, 2021
Ken Jennings 5/2 (+250) 3/1 (+300)
LeVar Burton 6/4 (+150) 7/2 (+350)
Aaron Rodgers 5/1 (+500) 7/1 (+700)
Mike Richards 10/1 (+1000) 9/1 (+900)
Bill Whitaker 22/1 (+2200) 9/1 (+900)
David Faber N/A 10/1 (+1000)
Joe Buck N/A 11/1 (+1100)
Anderson Cooper 18/1 (+1800) 12/1 (+1200)
Buzzy Cohen N/A 14/1 (+1400)
Mayim Bialik 14/1 (+1400) 16/1 (+1600)
Dr. Sanjay Gupta 20/1 (+2000) 18/1 (+1800)
Robin Roberts N/A 18/1 (+1800)
Dr. Mehmet Oz 100/1 (+10000) 20/1 (+2000)
Savannah Guthrie 30/1 (+300) 25/1 (+2500)
George Stephanopoulos N/A 25/1 (+2500)
Katie Couric N/A 33/1 (+3300)
Alex Faust 12/1 (+1200) N/A
Ellen DeGeneres 50/1 (+5000) N/A

Disclaimer:The odds posted in this article are for illustrative purposes only, as wagering on such props is not currently legal in any U.S. state. The data was based on betting markets offered by UK/European/worldwide operators regulated in jurisdictions where wagering on these props is legal.