Max has announced that the HBO Original series CITY OF GOD: THE FIGHT RAGES ON will premiere in August of this year on Max and HBO. This new six-episode Brazilian production takes place two decades after the events of the film “City of God.”

Produced by O2 Filmes, CITY OF GOD: THE FIGHT RAGES ON is an adapted continuation of the literary work by Paulo Lins, and will follow the story of its characters, starting with the work of the photographer Buscapé. Set in the early 2000s, the series includes excerpts from the film as flashbacks to reconstruct the protagonists’ memories.

CITY OF GOD: THE FIGHT RAGES ON features many returning cast members who played renowned characters in the original film: Alexandre Rodrigues, Thiago Martins, Roberta Rodrigues, Sabrina Rosa, Kiko Marques, and Edson Oliveira. New cast members include Andréia Horta, Marcos Palmeira, Jefferson Brasil, Eli Ferreira, Luellem de Castro, Otávio Linhares, Rafael Lozano, Leandro Daniel, Luiz Bertazzo, and emerging talents from Rio de Janeiro communities like City of God, Vidigal, and Mangueira.

In the original film, the Brazilian saying “if you run, the beast will catch you; if you stay, it will eat you” portrayed the City of God as an inescapable place. In the series, the community, plagued by disputes between drug dealers, police, and militiamen, presents a perspective of collective resistance, focusing on the lives of its residents.

CITY OF GOD: THE FIGHT RAGES ON is an HBO Original series, produced by O2 Filmes and inspired by the work of Paulo Lins. Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Fernando Meirelles serve as producers and Cris Abi and Gustavo Gontijo as co-producers. Aly Muritiba is the general director, with Bruno Costa as the second director. The script is by Sérgio Machado, Renata Di Carmo, Armando Praça, Estevão Ribeiro, Rodrigo Felha, and Muritiba. From Warner Bros. Discovery, the series is executive produced by Mariano Cesar, Anouk Aaron, and Monica Albuquerque.