Hannah Chaddha’s odds to win Big Brother’s 23rd season have improved this week, according to betting aggregators US-Bookies.com (See Disclaimer Below)She’s currently 7/1 to win the season (12.5% implied probability) after improving from 12/1 last week (7.7%). Xavier Prather is still the favorite, with his odds remaining unchanged at 13/10 (43.5%), followed by Tiffany Mitchell, who improved from 12/5 (29.4%) to 11/5 (31.3%).

“Though Hannah has improved in the bookies’ eyes, she still has a way to go to close the gap between her and Xavier and Tiffany,” says a US-Bookies spokesperson. “However, her improvement is far better than what Kyland Young’s odds have seen, as he’s worsened significantly following this week’s events.”

Kyland’s odds to win the season have worsened from 10/1 (9.1% implied probability) to 50/1 (2%). Though he’s on the block this week, his 19/5 odds to be evicted (20.8%) suggest he’s likely to survive the week. Sarah Beth Steagall is the 1/5 favorite to be evicted next (83.3%).

Azah Awasum’s odds to win the season improved from 16/1 (5.9% implied probability) to 19/2 (9.5%). She now is ahead of Derek Frazier, who is 30/1 (3.2%), Claire Rehfuss and Kyland, who are both 50/1 (2%), and Alyssa Lopez and Sarah Beth, who are both 100/1 (1%).

“Hannah is also the current favorite to win the next Head of Household competition, with 11/10 odds to do so,” says a US-Bookies spokesperson. “She’s followed by Xavier at 2/1 an Alyssa at 10/1.”

Odds to be Evicted Next on Big Brother 23:
Sarah Beth Steagall: 1/5

Kyland Young: 19/5

Odds to Win Big Brother 23:
Xavier Prather: 13/10

Tiffany Mitchell: 11/5

Hannah Chaddha: 7/1

Azah Awasum: 19/2

Derek Frazier: 30/1

Kyland Young: 50/1

Claire Rehfuss: 50/1

Alyssa Lopez: 100/1

Sarah Beth Stegall: 100/1

Odds to Win the Next Head of Household Competition on Big Brother 23:
Hannah Chaddha: 11/10

Xavier Prather: 2/1

Alyssa Lopez: 10/1

Azah Awasum: 22/1

Kyland Young: 40/1

Derek Frazier: 66/1

Tiffany Mitchell: 100/1

Sarah Beth Steagall: 100/1