Tiffany Overtakes Xavier as Favorite to Win Big Brother 23 

Claire Rehfuss is the odds-on favorite to be evicted first during the double eviction of Big Brother’s 23rd season, according to betting aggregators (See Disclaimer Below)Her odds of being evicted next are 2/5 (71.4% implied probability), while Xavier Prather’s are 23/10 (30.3%). This outcome would mean that the Cookout alliance continues to dominate the house.

“The odds suggest that Claire will go to jury during the first double eviction of the season, paving the way for the this season’s winner to be a person of color, marking the third time this has happened in the past five seasons,” says a US-Bookies spokesperson. “With this week featuring the season’s first double eviction, the odds also suggest Alyssa Lopez will also be sent to jury.”

Alyssa is the 11/5 favorite to be the second houseguest evicted this week (31.3% implied probability). She’s followed by Derek Frazier at 9/2 (18.2%) and Azah Awasum at 11/2 (15.4%).

Tiffany Mitchel has improved from 11/5 (31.3% implied probability) to 3/2 (40%) to win the 23rd season of Big Brother, where she’s overtaken Xavier as the favorite to win. Xavier’s odds worsened from 13/10 (43.5%) to 17/10 (37%) since last week.

“Tiffany and Xavier have been quite close in odds to win the season over the past few weeks, but the bookies are also suggesting Xavier will have a good opportunity to retake his spot as the favorite,” says a US-Bookies spokesperson. “He’s currently the 13/8 favorite to win the next Head of Household competition, meaning he may be able to make some moves that give him a better shot at winning the season.”

Odds to be Evicted Next on Big Brother 23:
Claire Rehfuss: 2/5

Xavier Prather: 23/10

Odds to Win Big Brother 23:
Tiffany Mitchell: 3/2

Xavier Prather: 17/10

Hannah Chaddha: 9/1

Kyland Young: 20/1

Azah Awasum: 33/1

Derek Frazier: 40/1

Alyssa Lopez: 50/1

Claire Rehfuss: 50/1

Odds to Win the Next Head of Household Competition on Big Brother 23:

Xavier Prather: 13/8

Kyland Young: 10/3

Hannah Chaddha: 4/1

Alyssa Lopez: 7/1

Azah Awasum: 25/1

Claire Rehfuss: 33/1

Derek Frazier: 66/1

Tiffany Mitchell: 100/1

Odds to be Second House Guest Evicted During Double Eviction:

Alyssa Lopez: 11/5

Derek Frazier: 9/2

Azah Awasum: 11/2

Kyland Young: 8/1

Tiffany Mitchell: 9/1

Hannah Chaddha: 10/1