From Discovery+: Seven 90 Day franchise hopefuls are on a mission to prove it’s never too late to find love! Moving past their failed romances, some of the biggest names in the 90 Day universe are looking to start fresh with better and stronger relationships. To do so, they must navigate the modern dating world and overcome cringe-worthy encounters, ghosting and, as is truly fitting for the franchise, traveling to other continents for a first date. For the first time in 90 Day history, two singles from different 90 Day relationships connect and spark an interest in each other after ending things with their American exes. Begin streaming season two of the wildly popular series on Friday, November 12 with a special two hour premiere on discovery+,  the definitive non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service.

“We are thrilled to announce THE SINGLE LIFE will no longer be single as it couples up with a second season!” said Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals. “Viewers responded with enthusiasm and delight as they followed the post-breakup journey of so many 90 Day fan-favorites from the crushing disappointment of a failed relationship to the vulnerability and thrill of dating again. Season two promises more of these ups and downs, and it wouldn’t be 90 Day without a few curveballs!”

The singles featured include:

Debbie, 69 (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Like mother, like son! Ever since her son Colt got engaged on season one of The Single Life and eloped with his now-wife Vanessa, Debbie has realized that it’s time for mama to make a life of her own. As she dips back into the dating pool after being widowed for 13 years, Debbie quickly learns how much the dating landscape has changed over the years. Going on blind dates and testing out dating apps, she is hopeful that she’ll find a partner who can fill the void left by her beloved husband of 27 years and by her son.

Ed, 56 (San Diego, California)
Over the years, Ed hasn’t had the most luck with women — but he’s not giving up! Big Ed is back this season in pursuit of love and his dream woman. He’s trying new things and expanding his criteria, dating women of different ages and in different area codes. His love journey takes him from San Diego, to Las Vegas and even to Mexico, where his beloved mother was born. Is true love waiting for Ed abroad, or will he find love closer to home?

Syngin, 31 (South Africa)
Syngin is at a crossroads in his life. When he met his wife Tania in South Africa and moved across the world to marry her on a K-1 Visa in 90 Day Fiancé season seven, he was convinced that he’d found his soulmate. But, after two years of a rocky marriage, their relationship has crumbled, and they have agreed to get a divorce. In order to make that change however, Syngin first needs to move out and decides to go big, moving across the country to start over and hopefully find his true soulmate.

 Natalie, 37 (Ukraine)
As viewers saw on the latest season of Happily Ever After?, things between Mike and Natalie seemed broken beyond repair. Now, Natalie is starting on a journey of new beginnings in sunny Florida, leaving her estranged husband behind in Sequim, Washington. As she processes the imminent divorce, Natalie looks to find a new man who she can be more compatible with and who can be the father of her future children. Along the way, she discovers that American dating customs differ drastically from those in the Ukraine, and finding Mr. Right is going to be harder than she thought.

Stephanie, 30 (New York, New York)
Returning to the franchise and to the United States after leaving her ex-girlfriend Erika behind in Australia a year and a half ago, Stephanie has been through many highs and lows over the past few years. Continuing to manage her aplastic anemia, a life-long and life-threatening condition that causes bone marrow failure and weakens her immune system, Stephanie is now in remission and is looking to end her celibacy after two and a half years. Identifying as bisexual, she looks to try her luck dating men and women, but, she learns that getting back in the saddle isn’t going to be easy.

Jesse, 28 (Netherlands)
Five years after meeting his fiery American ex-girlfriend, Darcey, Jesse has emerged from the flames and is living his life to the fullest. Now based in Russia, Jesse has his dream career working in the luxury travel industry, but he still hasn’t found the meaningful connection he has long searched for. Enter one Colombian model who shares more in common with Jesse than he could have ever imagined. After getting to know each other online and from a distance, Jesse is ready to travel across the world to see if they have enough in-person chemistry to make sparks fly.

Jeniffer, 27 (Colombia)
After her relationship with Tim on Before the 90 Days season three flopped, Jeniffer moved on with her life and aspirations for love. Looking for a “real man” who can satisfy all of her needs, she seems to have found a potential candidate online. Jesse and Jeniffer seem like a match made in heaven, but a secret Jeniffer has been keeping threatens to ruin the relationship before it truly begins. While her connection with Jesse is growing to the point where he has decided to meet her in Colombia, Jeniffer already has a man that she has been seeing locally and needs to decide what her heart wants, before it’s too late.